Mould Removal Sydney

The Mould Doctor offers a comprehensive range of mould remediation services in New South Wales

Mould Removal Sydney

The Mould Doctor has built a reputation as the leading mould remediation company in Victoria.  In 2013, our mould removal Sydney team was established to provide our suite of mould cleaning services in Sydney and regional areas of New South Wales including Wollongong and the Central Coast.

Our business has been built with a ‘can do’ attitude and uncompromising customer service standards.  Australia’s climate is the perfect breeding ground for mould.  New apartment buildings which have limited ventilation preventing air exchange which is the key requirement in moving moist air from the living environment.

To request a no-obligation inspection, simply click on the link below or contact us on 1300 944 595 and our client services team will take care of the details.

The information acquired and recorded during one of our inspections includes:

  • High resolution images of the cause of the mould and the affected areas.
  • The results of moisture and humidity testing.
  • Detailed room by room findings.
  • Information specific to the property being inspected.

This information is assessed and used to generate a detailed findings report, recommendations and mould remediation quotation. An important consideration specific to a mould inspection Sydney locations, is to identify any building defects which may be causing water ingress. Eradicating mould and getting to the root cause of the problem is imperative in preventing the mould from returning. The Mould Doctor’s FREE inspections, testing procedures, remediation services and treatment applications are completed by our expertly trained and qualified technicians.

Mould Cleaning Sydney

Established in Victoria in 2011, The Mould Doctor quickly built a reputation as the leading mould remediation company in Victoria. We immediately started to field enquiries about our niche cleaning service from all parts of Australia but in particular, New South Wales. In 2013, our Mould removal Sydney team was created and our range of mould cleaning Sydney based services were made available in New South Wales. Our business has been built with a ‘can-do’ attitude and uncompromisingly elite customer service standards. Australia’s climate is the perfect breeding ground for mould, particularly in new apartments which are sealed and prevent air getting in, and subsequently, restrict air getting out. It is no secret that quality ventilation is the key to preventing mould. The outcome of booking one a FREE mould inspection Sydney appointments is a detailed finding report and quote for any one of our mould remediation Sydney services. These services include:

Mould testing Sydney properties may identify several air contaminants which are present inside. Through air and surface sampling, a laboratory test will record the levels and recognises different pollutants. Even though mould may not be visible to the naked eye, this does not mean a property is free of mould. When completing mould removal Sydney, invisible mould spores are treated through a process known as fogging.

Mould Removal Costs Sydney

One of The Mould Doctor’s business processes in developing our mould remediation services we offer in New South Wales is to assess the unique factors influencing the mould removal costs Sydney and New South Wales specific.  That’s why The Mould Doctor’s price match guarantee will give you peace of mind that all properties will receive high-quality treatment applications at an affordable price.

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