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The Mould Doctor offers a comprehensive range of mould remediation services in Canberra

Canberra mould removal in suburbs running from Gordon to Palmerston and from Queanbeyan to Dunlop and all surrounding suburbs has become a lot easier. The Mould Doctor Canberra is now available to assist Canberrans with mould identification and remediation. The Mould Doctor now provides a free mould inspection service for Canberra residents.

Canberra is at times a damp moist place, making it a natural place for mould to grow and thrive. Not only can mould create health issues for sufferers of respiratory diseases and asthmatics, but if allowed to spread unchecked, it can cause structural damage to the building.

Professional mould remediation Canberra residents can trust.

Mould grows in dark damp spots and loves moisture. It can spread rapidly in areas subject to condensation or where unnoticed water leaks occur. Worryingly, it is able to grow on most surfaces including bricks, carpet, timber and plasterboard.

Signs of mould to look out for include-:

  • Ugly mould stains may be a sign of a potentially larger problem. Cleaning the unsightly mess won’t end the problem, as regrowth will reoccur.
  • Residents are constantly suffering from flu-like symptoms and constant respiratory issues.
  • Continual lingering damp, musty odours in the home
  • The property having being flooded in the past.
  • The ceilings and walls feel damp to touch.

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The Mould Doctor Canberra Remediation Procedure

When you contact the Mould Doctor, you will discover that mould removal in Canberra is an efficient procedure. Our mould remediation process starts when you ask us to conduct a free mould inspection in Canberra. We will then arrange for one of our mould experts to conduct an inspection of your home. Once the inspection is completed, the Mould Doctor will give you a written report, complete with photographic evidence detailing all affected areas and -:

  • Humidity and moisture level readings
  • A full list of all mould problems
  • Suggested mould remediation solutions
  • A quoted price to perform suggested treatments

Upon your instruction, we will begin the mould removal process by undertaking a thorough cleansing of all mould-affected areas. This first step will eliminate all visible traces of mould. Following this initial cleansing, all areas of your home will then be sanitised. A process of “fogging” the whole home is undertaken. Fogging is a secure procedure that involves lightly misting the house with a harmless solution.

Once fogging has been done, preventive actions are undertaken to prevent mould from occurring. These steps will vary but might include the installment of equipment to reduce condensation and increase airflow.

If you need professional mould removal in Canberra, look no further than the Mould Doctor. Don’t delay, contact the Mould Doctor now for expert mould cleaning and prevention services.

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