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It’s Monday morning. Your mobile is pinging with messages as yet unheard. You’ve got arrears to address with tardy tenants. Perhaps you also need to urgently process an ideal lease application. Your suppliers are following up on unpaid accounts. And don’t even get started on rental renewals! The Mould Doctor gets it: property managers are busy. There’s no more room for anything else in their diary. That’s why we want to make property managers’ lives easier. Let The Mould Doctor help you manage your portfolio whilst offering additional service and attention to your landlords and tenants. We are now offering: * FREE Mould Inspection of your Landlord’s Property * FREE Detailed Inspection Report * FREE Quote of Recommended Works The Mould Doctor’s inspections are conducted by highly trained, professional mould remediation technicians who will assess the property and determine the cause of the mould. We then provide a detailed analysis and quote for your landlord, which educates them on the importance of addressing mould in their investment property.

 FREE Quote of Recommended Works The Mould Doctor

Our goal is to make property manager’s lives less stressful. We provide you – free of charge – the time and tools necessary to help your landlords take better care of their assets and their tenants. To find out more about booking a free property inspection, detailed report and quote from The Mould Doctor for your clients’ property, email

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