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The team at the Melbourne Mould Doctor are an expert Mould Removal Melbourne based service specialising in mould remediation and prevention. Our professional mould remediation team are highly trained in the identification, treatment and prevention of mould and are available to provide a home mould inspection Melbourne residents have come to appreciate for its comprehensive thoroughness.

What is mould and why is it so destructive?

Mould is a naturally occurring fungi that grows in damp locations. It reproduces using tiny airborne spores that are found just about everywhere. Mould not only looks bad, it can cause health problems, particularly for asthmatics and others who have breathing related problems. The microscopic spores that mould produces can be breathed in and cause health conditions such as runny or blocked noses and eye irritations. Additionally, if left untreated mould can cause serious damage to structural elements within the home

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You need a mould specialist in Melbourne for mould removal 

Mould can be an annoying unsightly problem that can have hazardous effects on your health. Being microscopic in nature, mould is not always visible and you need the services of a mould specialist in Melbourne to ensure that mould removal is completely successful. Mould thrives in damp, moist locations where there is little sunlight. Moisture is mould’s food source and mould will often be present where there are water leaks or where condensation gathers. Mould will grow on such items as timber, plasterboard, carpet and brickwork. Often it can grow unchecked as the place of moisture is hidden from view and hard to detect.

Besides the obvious visible signs of mould infestation, there are some other vital clues that may indicate that you have a mould problem. These are:

  • Visible signs of mould are the tip of the iceberg. Simply eradicating what you can see will not fix the problem. This is a sure sign that you need a specialist mould removal Melbourne contractor.
  • If you seem to be unable to shake any flu-like symptoms
  • A damp musty smell
  • There’s a history of flooding in the house.
  • If you experience respiratory problems around the home
  • Damp walls or ceiling areas may indicate that you need the services of professional mould removal in Melbourne

Our system is an affordable, economic and long-lasting solution

Mould remediation in Melbourne Explained

When you engage The Mould Doctor for mould removal in Melbourne you can be assured that the mould remediation process is very thorough. The mould remediation service is a process that involves:

  • A free mould inspection of the Melbourne property, where a trained representative of the Mould Doctor will visit your home and undertake a thorough inspection of the property. Their trained eyes will identify all problem areas and potential problem areas before supplying you with a detailed report.
  • The report itself will contain photos of affected areas, moisture readings, humidity readings, what was found in the inspection, a list of recommended treatments and a quote to carry out the treatments.
  • The actual mould removal will begin by removing all visible traces of mould and sanitising the affected areas. This is followed by a process known as fogging. The whole house will be fogged using a misting device to eliminate the microscopic mould spores that will certain to be present. This process will help eliminate all mould spores present in the house.’
  • After the mould has been eliminated from the home, the fogging process will help in preventing the recurrence of mould in the home.

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