Black Mould

Understanding Black Mould

What is Black Mould?

Stachybotrys chartarum is more commonly referred to as black mould.

However, ‘Toxic Black Mould’ is a term that is badly misused and inaccurate. Knowing what type of mould is usually irrelevant because at this point, a qualified mould technician will be required to remediate the mould.

Certain types of mould can be toxigenic. This simply means they can produce mycotoxins. Hazards caused by mould may produce mycotoxins and are often the same as other types of mould which can be present inside your property.

All mould growth is most common in areas that are damp or have experienced water damage usually through a building defect, condensation or lack of ventilation.

How to remove black mould?

A mould remediation specialist should be engaged to safely treat the mould.

Early detection of all types of mould and subsequent treatment is key. The earlier you can detect the growth of black mould or any type of mould in your home, the better the chance you have to remove it and prevent it coming back.

If you smell a musty odour or have found visible signs of mould contact The Mould Doctor to arrange a FREE Inspection. Prevention and early detection may protect you from greater treatment and repair expenses in the future.

Our team of technicians are expertly trained in the remediation of all types of mould, including black mould and understand the requirements when removing mould.


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