Mould Myths

Bleach feeds mould

Chemicals like bleach are a smorgasbord for some fungi: whilst you may think bleach solves your mould problem, it actually feeds it.  Bleach is effective in sanitising surfaces, and when used on mould it can indeed remove the discolouration associated with visible mould. However it will not remove the microflora which will allow mould to return in exactly the same spot. Any mould that is killed by bleach then leaves behind hazardous mycotoxins – dead mould spores that still present a health hazard.

Bleach linked to health problems

The Herald Sun has reported on the relationship between the use of bleach and health problems – linking the use of bleach in domestic environments to higher rates of flu, tonsillitis. bronchitis and pneumonia in children. Research speculates that airborne irritants released whilst cleaning mould may damage the lining of the lung cells, sparking inflammation and making it easy for infections to take hold.  Advertising increasingly promotes the use of antimicrobial products including bleach in the home environment – which makes communicating to landlords who are unaware of bleach’s health risks doubly challenging.

Mould-Proof Paint – All you need to know

Everyone knows that prevention is often better than cure, so it’s no wonder that landlords and property managers are often looking to mould proof paint as a way to prevent mould.  The good news is that there is a wide range of mould proof paints available which discourage the growth of mould.  They will keep the paint free of mould and mildew for some time – usually for the life of the paint.  The bad news is that just using these paints alone is not enough.  In order for the paint to work, the mould needs to be attacked at its source before painting.

We are often called to properties within three months of a client’s paint job to treat mould that has returned.  The fact is there is no paint that penetrates a surface and kills mould spores.  If there was such a paint it would need to be registered as a pesticide. If you paint without proper mould remediation, spores can be embedded into the film of the paint and cause visible mould in the future.

Prevention is better than cure, but only when handled correctly by the experts.  Our technology actually kills the mould spores, greatly reducing the risk of mould returning.  The Mould Doctor’s technology removes most mould stains, therefore repainting is often not required which saves additional costs.


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