Terms & Conditions

1. Inspection Requests

  •  All requests must be sent via email to info@themoulddoctor.com.au
  • Rental Properties require an approval from the PM or Owner prior to scheduling the inspection to comply with our public liability insurance conditions.

2. Free Inspection criteria

  • Free Inspection applies to properties that have visible mould only. If there is visible mould, the Inspection, Findings Report and Quote are FREE.
  • If there is a mouldy or musty smell & no visible mould charges may apply for Microbiological Testing.
  • Approval from the Property Manager is required for rental properties.

3. Required information:

  •  Property address.
  • Tenant or owners name and mobile number.
  • Property Manager, Strata or Billing Client details.

4. Report & Quote:

  • The report will be provided to the Property Manager or the Owner.
  • The findings are a visual and a non-structural report.
  • The quote is valid for 30 days.
  • No opening of any part of the building is carried out.
  • Roof areas are deemed inaccessible.
  • No furniture or floor coverings will be moved unless authorisation is provided.
  • The report is prepared for the exclusive use of the billing client.
  • During remedial work process, it is possible that there will be a “discovery” of hidden mould damage i.e. wall cavities, crawl space, ceiling space, under cabinetry, under carpet, etc. that may have been caused from previous or another incident not apparent at time of inspection. This may result in a quote variation.
  • If there is no visible mould, Laboratory Testing by a Microbiologist may be recommended.
  • The Mould Doctor is not liable for any mould damage occurring after the initial inspection.
  • The findings in this report is for work to be carried out by The Mould Doctor based on our best practice in-house procedures and work methods.
  • Mould may cause health issues through inhalation of spores and hyphae. Occupants with health concerns should seek medical advice.
  • The report only records the observations and conclusions we have made based on the inspection request.
  • The report is accurate at the time of the assessment and the readings represent the conditions prevailing at the time of the inspection.

5. Our Guarantee:

  • The Mould Doctor guarantees the treatment for 12 months.
  • The guarantee applies if the mould returns to previously treated areas and the preventive recommendations were followed.
  • The guarantee does not apply if the property has building defects or climatic conditions that have caused flooding.

6. Payment Terms:

  • TMD accepts payments via EFT, Visa, Mastercard.
  • A deposit of 25% may be required where drying or subfloor equipment is required.
  • Legal costs will apply if a collection agency is appointed.

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