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The Mould Doctor

The Mould Doctor is a privately owned company who provide expert mould remediation services to residents of Victoria and New South Wales. Our professional team of specialists has been trained in mould remediation and treatment services that are proven to effectively treat, eliminate and prevent the recurrence of household mould.

The results that we have consistently achieved throughout Victoria and New South Wales have seen us establish a reputation for professional, mould remediation while providing a first class service at all times. Our clients know we can be relied upon for a thorough inspection of any site followed by a comprehensive report that will contain a complete list of recommended treatments. These inspections and reports are provided free of charge and will not only identify all mould areas but potential causes of mould occurring.

The mould doctor is here to help

Besides being unsightly, mould presents a number of health dangers. These dangers are particularly harmful to asthmatics and people who suffer from allergies and other breathing conditions. Mould reproduces by releasing spores into the air. These spores can be inhaled and cause problems including blocked and runny noses, eye and skin irritations and breathing difficulties. Engaging the mould doctor to eliminate mould will help you to live in a healthier, safer home environment.

As well as presenting health issues, if left unchecked mould can gradually cause damage to structural elements within the home. It is, therefore, necessary to treat take quick action to treat mould effectively. That’s where the mould doctor can help – by providing Australians with a total mould remediation service.

The mould remediation service is a process that involves –

  • A free inspection of the property
  • A report detailing affected areas and the recommended treatments
  • Thorough removal of all visible mould by highly trained professionals.
  • Fogging of the whole premises that will remove and eliminate all mould spores that are not visible to the eye.

If you want mould removal done thoroughly, efficiently and safely you can rely upon the team from the Mould Doctor to deliver the best mould removal service.

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