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The Mould Doctor offers a comprehensive range of mould remediation services in Ballarat

Mould removal in Ballarat areas from running from Weatherboard to Warrenheip and from Miners Rest to Bunninyong and all points between is now an easier choice. The Mould Doctor Ballarat office is open for business and available to help Ballarat residents to identify and remove mould. The Mould Doctor Ballarat offers a mould inspection service that Ballarat  residents are sure to appreciate.

Ballarat can be a damp, moist place at times and as mould grows naturally in dark moist spots it can cause significant problems for Ballarat people. It is known to cause health problems, especially for asthmatics and others who suffer from respiratory diseases. Furthermore, if mould is allowed to spread in a building, it can cause severe structural damage to the property.

Expert mould remediation Ballarat residents can trust.

Mould has the nasty habit of  growing in those moist places that don’t normally get much natural light. Mould loves moisture and grows quickly in spots where condensation occurs or where there are leaky pipes or taps. It grows on just about every surface and can be found growing on materials diverse as carpet,fabric, gyprock, timber and brickwork.

Signs that your property may need mould remediation are 

  • Unsightly stains are a sign of possible mould problems elsewhere.  SImply removing a mould stain will not address the underlying problem and mould is certain to reoccur. Obvious signs of mould growth suggest that you require the services  of a professional Ballarat mould cleaning service.
  • Residents of the property suffer constant flu-like symptoms.
  • Persistent  damp or musty odours
  • Past history of  the property being flooded
  • Property inhabitants suffering persistent respiratory problems
  • Dampness particularly on ceilings and walls

Mould Removal Ballarat

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The Mould Doctor Ballarat Remediation Process

Mould removal in Ballarat is now a professional efficient procedure when you contact the Mould Doctor. Our five-step process begins with your request for a mould inspection in Ballarat. One of our trained experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your property, looking for all existing issues and identifying possible mould hazards that need to be attended to.

When the inspection is complete, the Mould Doctor will provide a written report, illustrated with photographs of mould affected areas. The report will also contain:

  •  recorded readings  of humidity and moisture levels, 
  • a complete list of identified problems
  • suggested remediation solutions 
  • A quote to perform mould treatment.

Once you agree to use our remediation service, we instigate the mould removal process by cleaning all affected areas and eliminating all visible traces of mould. Every area is then sanitised. Then “fogging” of the whole house is instigated. This involves a safe process of lightly misting the entire home with a non-toxic solution. It is preferable that the home be vacated for at least three hours to let the process be completely effective.

After the fogging process is completed, preventative measures will be taken to ensure that mould does not recur.  Preventative steps may include the installation of items to reduce incidences of condensation and to improve airflow. 

If you have been looking for professional mould removal in Ballarat, you can now call the Mould Doctor for thorough expert mould cleaning and prevention services. Don’t delay contacting the Mould Doctor now to arrange your mould inspection.

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