Mould Removal

Mould removal is the 1st step of our mould remediation treatment procedure.

A Mould Removal Process That Works

Mould removal is necessary when mould is apparent in the home. Mould may be recognised by its appearance or sometimes by a musty damp smell that appears to be emanating from a particular location. The Mould Doctor has a professional trained mould remediation team ready and able to inspect your property, identify all mould sources and eradicate them. You can request an inspection today.

Mould is a naturally occurring fungus that grows in moist, damp locations. It reproduces by issuing miniscule airborne spores. These spores can float anywhere and take root in places that will be conducive to further growth. Once established, mould appears and, if left to grow, can make for an unsightly sight. As well as looking awful, mould can cause health issues for asthmatics and others who suffer from respiratory problems. The microscopic mould spores can be inhaled easily and can cause irritation to the eyes and nose.


What is mould and how should it be managed?

There are many species of mould and it can grow both indoors and outdoors. If allowed to flourish, mould can cause biodegradation to many materials including unwanted food and property. Some species of mould not only cause biodegradation to materials but can have an impact upon your health. Mould is often found in moist dark places and grows in places such as wall cavities, walls, windows, wardrobes, ceilings, and beneath floor coverings. It can grow on brickwork, timber, gyprock and other materials such as clothing, shoes and accessories like handbags. While many of these places may seem dry and free of water leaks, condensation can create damp spots which can facilitate mould growth.

Some signs that mould could be present are

  • Visible evidence of mould growth is often a sign of a serious underlying mould infestation. Mould cleaning efforts to remove the visible traces of mould will prove futile unless a thorough inspection and mould cleaning treatment process is carried out.
  • Persistent flu like symptoms
  • Lingering damp musty odours floating around the home
  • A history of the property being subject to flooding
  • The onset of respiratory problems for household inhabitants could be due to the presence of mould spores.
  • Dampness of ceilings and walls is a warning that mould could be growing in these areas and you may need the services of professional mould cleaners like the team at the Mould Doctor.

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The Mould Remediation Process in Detail

Professional mould removal should be completed by a reputable and experienced mould remediation company. The formation, growth and reproduction of mould spores multiply given the right conditions. Properties with elevated humidity caused by condensation and a lack of ventilation or building defects allowing moisture create ideal conditions for mould to grow. When you engage the services of the mould doctor mould removal company, you will be investing in a professionally thorough mould remediation process. Our complete mould remediation process includes –

Initial Inspection
Report & Quote – FREE
Complete the mould treatment and micro clean
Fog the property
Install preventive recommendations

Initial Inspection

A mould inspection of your home. A mould removal specialist will call at your home and conduct a full inspection. The specialist will be looking for any visible signs of mould which can present in a variety of colors including black, orange, yellow, green, grey or various combinations of these colors. Additionally any telltale odours will be identified and rectifying actions will be recommended The inspection is conducted and will be followed up with a detailed written report listing all current and potential problems.

Report & Quote – FREE

The detailed inspection report will contain photos of affected areas, applicable moisture and humidity readings, a list of identified problems, recommended mould treatments and a written quote to perform the works recommended in the report.

Complete the mould treatment and micro clean

If you choose to use the services of the Mould Doctor, our mould removal process will begin by repairing any house and content items that have been selected for repair. We can successfully treat and repair items such as handbags, leather shoes, curtain coverings and picture frames.

Fog the property

The process then moves to the removal stage, where all visible traces of mould are physically removed from the home. Once all visible signs have been removed, the home will be fogged. Fogging involves lightly misting the entire home with a solution that is non toxic and not harmful in any way. You can even leave food out while the process is undertaken. To ensure that the fogging process is effective, it is recommended that the house be vacated for a period of at least three hours. This will ensure that all mould spores will be eradicated.

Install preventive recommendations

Fogging will help to prevent future mould outbreaks. There may, however, be other recommended prevention treatments including dehumidifiers, ventilation fans, air purifiers and hydroxyls. Any recommendations will be based upon your homes environment and circumstances.

Our Mould Inspections allow peace of mind for you and peace of mind for your family. Our quotes are provided with PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE.

Why You Need to Consider Mould Removal Specialists

It is important that if you think you have a have a mould infestation, you should not delay in seeking mould treatment from professional mould cleaners. If allowed to grow, mould can cause damage to plaster, timber, clothing and other household items. It also looks unpleasant and gives the impression that your home is dirty and uncared for. Additionally, mould can have long standing health effects for people living close to mould. Mould can cause persistent flu like symptoms, eye and nose infections, frequent nosebleeds in some cases and respiratory problems. It can be particularly harmful to asthmatics.

It is important to realise that attempting mould removal without the appropriate training or knowledge to treat mould may not be a wise choice. Entering a confined space that is infested with mould and attempting to treat it is not recommended unless you are suitably attired and have the right equipment. Protecting your health should be your primary consideration. Don’t put your health at risk, if you think that you have a mould problem, call the team at the Mould Doctor to arrange your inspection today with a mould removal specialist.

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