The Mould Doctor uses only the best products when removing mould from your home or business.

Mould Treatment

Professional Mould Removal should be completed by a reputable and experienced mould remediation company. The formation, growth and reproduction of mould spores multiply in moist, damp and humid areas of your property which are generally poorly ventilated. The rooms of your home most likely to be affected by mould are the bathroom, the laundry and the kitchen. These areas are too important to ignore the need for mould removal.


We will eliminate the visible mould by applying our products to hard surfaces including walls, ceilings, tiles and concrete.


The entire living environment is fogged and this will eliminate the spores. Our products are biodegradable, nontoxic, low/non irritant and non-corrosive. Best of all, it will eliminate the spores throughout the property, preventing other colonies of mould being able to form in other rooms/areas.

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