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Newcastle Mould Remediation and Treatment

If you are experiencing a mould problem and live in Newcastle there is only one place to go for Newcastle mould treatment and remediation. The  Mould Doctor have an office located in Newcastle and their local mould experts service Newcastle and the surrounding area. As part of their complete mould treatment service, the Mould Doctor offers Newcastle residents a mould inspection service..

Mould remediation  treatment for Newcastle

Mould is liable to grow in out of the way dark damp places meaning that it’s often taken hold by the time it is noticeable.. Without appropriate  treatment,mould will become much more than an  unsightly mess. It jas the potential to cause property damage as well as presenting a health risk.

Seeking the advice of a professional mould remediation expert may be the best way to eradicate mould problems.

Signs that you need the help of the Newcastle Mould Doctor are 

  • Mould stains that are noticeable on walls and/or ceilings. Once these appear they indicate that  there may be mould problems elsewhere in the home.  Removing the stains will not address  the underlying issue.
  • HMembers of the household always seem to be  suffering  flu-like symptoms. and/or respiratory problems.
  • Damp or musty odours that won;t go away
  • The property has a history of  flood damage.
  • Dampness of  ceilings and walls

Mould Remediation
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The Mould Doctor Newcastle Mould Remediation Process

The Mould Doctor employs a simple mould remediation process involving  five steps making mould removal in Newcastle areas a simple and safe procedure. 

Our process commences with a free mould inspection by one of our mould experts. We will then conduct a full mould inspection of your property. This is done to pinpoint all existing and potential problems that need to be addressed. 

We will then provide you with a written report that will include the following

  • Photo of all house areas that have been affected by mould 
  • Moisture and humidity level readings
  • At list of all the mould problems we have identified
  • Recommended mould remediation steps
  • A quote for our professional Newcastle mould treatment service


You can now rely on the Newcastle mould remediation team at the Mould Doctor to treat and eliminate your mould problems. Contact us right now to arrange your free mould inspection.

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