Mould causes disputes with Insurers

Mould or Mildew

Mould Causes Disputes with Insurers

Mould-infested properties affect quality of life for families across Australia. But in addition to the health risks posed by mould, those who own mould-contaminated properties are at risk of exposing themselves to costly repairs and insurance disputes.

Mould contributes to a multitude of health concerns: from asthma to skin conditions, this hardy biological nuisance has the potential to cause stress, anxiety and financial ruin. A recently published article focused on legal battles between home owners, builders and insurance companies over mould remediation. Some families who own mould-affected properties have been forced to vacate their home for years whilst remediation is underway – in some extreme cases, mouldy homes have required total demolition.

Insurance issues become more complex when mould is the result of poor work by builders, tenants or real estate professionals. However unintentional, if professionals are found to be responsible for a mould infestation, they may not be covered for damages. When Domain spoke to microbiologist Cameron Jones, he highlighted the risk to landlords and property managers if tenants’ requests for remediation are ignored.

Read the full article on Domain here, and find out more about protecting you and your family from mould-related stress, illness and costs.

Mould causes disputes with Insurers

Mould in New Builds

While older buildings tend to be more susceptible to damp conditions and subsequent mould problems, newer builds are far from immune. Built to satisfy energy efficiency standards, new homes may have less natural ventilation, creating the perfect environment for mould to thrive.

Mould causes disputes with Insurers

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