Bathroom and Laundry Ventilation

Laundry and Bathroom Ventilation Solutions

Quality ventilation systems are required in both the bathroom and laundry as they are the rooms that often have inadequate ventilation, condensation and elevated humidity providing the IDEAL conditions for mould growth.

Bathroom ventilation – Handy hints for a mould free bathroom

  • Install a humidity sensor ventilation system which automatically turns on when the relative humidity exceeds 55% and off once humidity falls below this level.
  • Show your hard-working exhaust fan some love and keep it free of lint and dust.
  • Always wipe down wet areas after use.

Laundry Ventilation – Handy hints for a mould free laundry

  • Ensure your clothes dryer has appropriate ventilation to external areas. Even better, dry your clothes outside!
  • If a clothes dryer is non-negotiable, invest in a condenser style dryer rather than a vented version.

When should a humidity sensor ventilation system be used?

Bathroom ventilation and laundry ventilation requirements do not vary too much from property to property. There are however some basic requirements which need to be assessed to determine the need for a ventilation system. They are:

1. No current ventilation system

Areas such as bathrooms and laundries should always have a quality ventilation system to assist with the control of high humidity levels.

2. High humidity

If areas have levels of humidity recorded high than 55% relative humidity (RH), a humidity sensor ventilation system will be able to reduce the humidity to 55% RH.

3. Musty smell or odour

A musty smell or odour indicates a source of moisture exists in the internal living area. Assisted airflow will assist with moisture control and humidity readings. Identifying and fixing the source of the moisture is not always possible.

Ventilation Systems

The Mould Doctor recommends the use of the Elegance MHY120 Ventilation Fan. It is the preferred laundry and bathroom ventilation fan of The Mould Doctor.

Elegance MHY Wall/ceiling fan with built-in humidity sensor

Designed and made in Italy, Elegance fans are a highly efficient wall or ceiling mounted fan. It is quiet to run, streamlined design features and is purpose-built for the exhausting of air from small to medium-sized rooms. Advanced microchip technology will automatically increase or decrease the fan speed, according to the relative humidity level.


  • Built-in Humidity Sensor: adjustable from 40%-90% relative humidity
  • Innovative European slimline design with flat cover and lateral intake
  • Supplied with back-draught shutters to prevent air from moving back into the room
  • Quiet operation: innovative impellers permit limited noise level
  • Maintenance free: self-lubricating sleeve bearing motor for long life and noiseless operation
  • Energy efficient using only 15 watts of power
  • Made of high-quality anti-static technopolymer material
  • The MHY 120 has an air exchange rate 165m/3 per hour

Bathroom and Laundry Ventilation

Laundry Ventilation

Bathroom Ventilation

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