Silent Fan

A new breed of fan is now available for today’s modern home.

Silent Fan

A new breed of fan is now available for today’s modern home. Designed, engineered and tested in globally renowned laboratories to become one of the best performing domestic axial fans in the world. It is extremely quiet to operate while maintaining powerful performance. We guarantee a product that works and keeps working long after you install it

Aerodynamic Design

The front grille, impeller and guide vanes have been aerodynamically engineered to allow air to flow through the fan with the least possible resistance. This results in powerful performance matched with a smooth and quiet operation.

Optimised Impellers

Optimal number of fan blades have been placed at specific angles to achieve maximum airflow and efficiency.

Guide Vanes As Standard

Air passes over the optimised impeller and is smoothed out by angled guide vanes at the rear of the fan. Smooth air then leaves the fan with the lowest resistance possible.

Long Life Motor

The fan’s sealed for life ball bearings guarantee and extra long life span matched with high speed operation and performance. The moto is rated to last more than 30,000 hours (some traditional fans last only 3,000 hours).

Low Energy Consumption

Our energy efficient motor makes our fan up to 50% more efficient than a traditional AC domestic fan. The fan is fitted with an airflow operated, silent membrane shutter which uses energy to operate.

Ultra Quiet

The motor is sandwiched between two elastic blocks which absorb vibrations, surface and motor noise.

Built To Last

We know this fan has been built correctly with only quiet components. This means we can offer a groundbreaking 5 year warranty.

Wall Mounted Fan


The Silent series exhaust fans are designed to solve ventilation problems in bathrooms, ensuites and toilets.
They feature an advanced vibration absorbing design that enables them to run quietly, while the high performance motor impeller exhausts air quickly and efficiently.

5 Year Warranty
Powerful Airflow

  • Quiet operation due to its noise and vibration absorbing design.
  • Powerful airflow performance.
  • Low loss foil backdraft damper is standard on all models.
  • Internal thermal moto cut out protection.
  • 220-240V, single phase, 50Hz supply.

Airflow System

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