Supreme court rules on mould infestation

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The leased Gippsland home of a Victorian pensioner was in a state of horrendous disrepair.

Prone to flooding and even sinking into the earth, it wasn’t long before the unhappy tenant’s possessions were coated in mould, too. While her requests to have the property fixed were turned down more than once on the basis that she rented the property in the condition it was in, a landmark Supreme Court judgement has now ruled that the tenant did indeed have a right to expect her home was maintained in ‘good repair.’

Supreme court rules on mould infestation

That tenant’s name is Vikki Shields, and her story made The Age newspaper this month. The Supreme Court’s decision is expected to ‘set a precedent for more than 250,000 low-income Victorians in the private rental market’ and will no doubt shine a light on the responsibility of landlords when it comes to prioritising tenants’ health.

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