Our Procedure

1. Inspection

Once we receive the work order or quote request, a member of our client services team will contact the tenant to schedule the initial inspection. If required we will organise an early morning, evening or weekend appointment.

During the inspection, we assess the areas that have visible mould, take moisture and humidity readings and check for any building defects that may be allowing moisture ingress.

2. Findings and Recommendations | Detailed Reporting

Following the inspection, we will email a detailed findings report with recommendations and quotation for mould remediation and prevention options.

3. Quote Approval

Once we have received the quote approval our client services team will schedule the treatment.

4. Mould Remediation

Step 1 – Mould Removal – Eliminate Mould, Micro Clean and Sanitise

Our services include eliminating visible mould, micro cleaning and sanitising the affected rooms. If required we can also treat mould in the sub floor.
Our product penetrates the surface and will remove the mould without any damage to the plaster, timber or brickwork. More often than not, the treatment will restore the surface to its original state.

Step 2 – Decontamination Fogging

If required, a decontamination fogging of the property will eliminate invisible mould spores. Decontamination Fogging is the application of the tested and proven products we use to remove the invisible mould from the living environment.

Question: Why fog the entire house instead of only the room that has the mould?

Answers: This is because mould spores spread. They can be transported on clothing as well as being present in the air. If the entire property is not fogged,  mould can return in other rooms when presented with the right conditions.

5. Content Restoration

If required we can remove mould from most items including clothing, shoes, bags, curtains and soft furnishings.

6. Mould Prevention 

After the elimination of mould it is important to prevent it from returning.  We will also provide preventative recommendations including the installation of a dehumidifier and ventilation systems.

7. Costs 

Our inspection and reports and free of charge.

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