The only technology to work on both surface & airborne contaminants.

OHAir® devices utilise Odorox® technology.

The sun’s ultra-violet rays naturally create atmospheric hydroxyls. OHAir® technology provides a constant stream of atmospheric hydroxyls that destroy contaminants on both surfaces and in the air.

Destroys Odours, Moulds, Bacteria and Viruses

Odorox® technology kills bacteria, viruses and moulds (fungi) on surfaces as verified by ATS Labs and in the air as verified by Aerosol Research and Engineering (ARE)
laboratories, which both did studies on a range of clinically and commercially relevant microorganisms.

Produces Atmospheric Hydroxyls

Creates a continuous stream of hydroxyls to effectively destroy most chemicals as validated by the premier US atmospheric research facility – Lovelace Respiratory Research Center.

Indoor Air Pollution

Odorox® technology reduces pollutants in indoor air as verified by Columbia Analytical Services.


Comparative Biosciences Inc., a leading toxicology research centre, conducted an FDA compliant animal toxicology study showing no adverse effects with continuous 24/7 produced atmospheric hydroxyls.



Protect your family’s health

OHAir® technology destroys bacteria and viruses that can cause illness. The constant flow of atmospheric hydroxyls destroys 99.999% of flu causing organisms within your home. OHAir® technology can significantly reduce airborne infection rates that may cause illness.

Protect your family with a healthier E indoor environment. OHAir® technology provides a constant stream of atmospheric hydroxyls that destroy odours, moulds, bacteria and
viruses both on surfaces and in the air.

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