Avoid painting over mould


The appearance of mould in a home normally sparks some alarm. The natural response is to get rid of it as quickly as possible. It is unsightly and affects the value of the property.  Many property owners are tempted to simply paint over the mould and hide it from view. While the response is understandable it is not a smart strategy

Is applying paint over mould a smart idea?

Administering paint over mould represents a short-term fix as the obvious signs of mould will be hidden from view.  In many instances the strategy is undertaken due to a lack of knowledge about mould. However, in some cases the practice is undertaken in full knowledge that the problem is being hidden rather than fixed.

When painted over, the mould does not die and the source of the mould has not been attended to.  Mould will continue to grow,and inevitably affect the painted over area. 

While various hardware stores do stock mould resistant paint, it’s use will not necessarily have the desired outcome.  Mould painted over on the ceiling or walls even, with recommended mould paint, will not work unless the source of the problem is addressed.

 in short, painting over mould is not a smart idea

Signs of mould covered by paint

While a freshly painted ceiling or wall will  disguise the signs of mould for a short while,the telltale signs of mould will soon emerge. 

Signs that mould has been painted over include-:

  • Yellowing of white paint. This may include  yellow spotting in affected areas. Sometimes these spots may have a brownish hue to them.
  • Uneven paint surfaces.  Bowed or bubbled walls sometimes indicate an underlying moisture problem behind the wall, which inevitably will  lead to mould growth
  • Bubbled, cracked, chipped or flaking paint  At best is a sign of a poor paint job. At worst, it may suggest that mould has been painted over.

From a legal Standpoint

There is a legal relationship between landlords and tenants that enforces a duty of care.  A landlord is obliged to ensure that the property being let is safe and habitable.  There is a strong argument to be made that applying paint over mould does not live up to that standard.  If a tenant suspects that mould has been painted over they have every right to ask for the problem to be investigated and attended to as appropriate. 

A landlord or property owner should make it their business to attend to mould remediation as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The initial cost will be far less expensive than any potential legal costs that could ensue  in time.

Contact The Experts instead

There is no doubt that mould is unsightly, annoying and unhealthy.  Quick fixes could well end up costing much more than proper treatment in the first place. To ensure that your ceilings and walls are properly prepared for painting when you have a mould problem it is best to contact an expert remediation service who can identify and eliminate the source of the problem, remediate affected mould areas and properly prepare the surfaces for painting.  The team at the Mould Doctor are highly trained mould remediation professionals who are ready and willing to assist you. Give us a call today!


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