Is dampness the biggest deterrant in real estate?

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Mould-free property to make your landlord proud!

The Mould Doctor’s trained team are on the frontline when it comes to making sure the properties you manage are free of dampness and mould. Your landlords may not fully appreciate the issue, but there are severe risks should they let a mould-problem go rogue in their investment property.

A recent survey has confirmed that mould is the number one deterrent for home buyers at open for inspections. Naturally, this same revulsion applies to tenants when viewing properties for lease. The Mould Doctor want to help property managers nip mould problems in the bud, before a health risk becomes a deal-breaker.

Let The Mould Doctor take the pressure off your portfolio, helping you swiftly lease appealing properties that are certified mould-free whilst achieving the best rental returns possible for your landlords. We offer:

  • FREE Mould Inspection of your Landlord’s Property
  • FREE Detailed Inspection Report
  • FREE Quote of Recommended Works

The Mould Doctor’s inspections are conducted by highly trained, professional mould remediation technicians who will assess your landlord’s property and determine the cause of mould. The Mould Doctor then provide a detailed analysis and quote for your landlord, which educates them on the importance of addressing mould in their investment property – not least because it’s off-putting to the public.

Over 50% of home-buyers decide whether they like a property as soon as they step through the door, and potential tenants act similarly. Don’t let an unaddressed mould problem unfairly extend your ‘days on market’, leaving your landlord with a vacant property and additional expenses. Curious about other issues that make the

public turn on their heels at an open for inspection? Learn more about pet property inspection peeves here.

dampness the biggest deterrant in real estate

One sniff will alert a potential tenant to a mould problem. Dampness has an unmistakable smell, and it’s your responsibility to clear the air. To find out more about booking a free property inspection, detailed report and quote from The Mould Doctor for your landlord’s property, email

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